About Us


At QueensLyfe Cosmetics we believe in defying traditional beauty standards with our bold and vibrant cosmetic products. We create our products to encourage everyone to express their individuality through COLOR. 


Meet Gina

I entered the beauty industry through my teenage daughter's love for makeup, her love for makeup was an opportunity we used to strengthen our bond. My daughter's hobby quickly became my obsession. I originally started making lip gloss and then upgraded to making lipsticks. Crafting colorful cosmetics became very therapeutic for me and allowed me the opportunity to express myself, I realized what I was doing was more than a hobby, it was an opportunity to create products that allow others to express their creativity through their beauty. This led to the creation of QueensLyfe Cosmetics where we "LIVE LYFE IN COLOR".

  The vision is for QueensLyfe Cosmetics to become a global
leading cosmetics company where woman can discover bold and vibrant makeup, to express their individuality, be their own trendsetter and show up in the world bold, fearless and free.


Gina Hepburn, Founder of QueensLyfe Cosmetics