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Our Story

After constantly being counted out as a single teen mom, I made a decision to always count myself in. I wanted to be an example of resilience and inspiration for others.

I created QueensLyfe Cosmetics as a medium to inspire and encourage the everyday person to live their life boldly on their terms while expressing their uniqueness through vibrant makeup shades. 

I encourage and challenge all our customers (our Royal Roses) to not be afraid to dance to a different beat, or to walk a path less traveled. Believe in yourself , be brave and fearless while you rock that vibrant blue lipstick on a Tuesday just because you felt like it. Just know I am here cheering you on saying “You Go Girl!”.


My Reason WHY I Do What I Do!


For 2 reasons:

  1. His name is Xyon (aka Papa, aka Trouble, aka Booby Baby). A 2 year old life changer. He has changed me in so many ways that I sometimes feel like an all-new person. QueensLyfe Cosmetics allows me to productively manage my mental health while creating a positive catalyst to change the trajectory of my family's future. I want to leave a legacy for Xyon, one that he can then use to positively change the lives of others and I hope this SAGA continues for generations.

  2. And YOU! Yes you reading this. I have met & engaged with so many wonderful customers throughout the years that it honestly brings me joy encouraging and inspiring others to be Bold & Beautiful. And it’s good for my mental too! So with that being said we are working on new ways to be more customer-centered and focused. We are still a new and small business with our flaws but we are learning and hope you take this journey to grow with us! 


Gina the CEO