How to Prepare for Black Friday 2020

Gina Hepburn

Posted on November 09 2020

Black Friday 2020 | Private label cosmetics


Hey beauty babe, 

  This year has been hard on some businesses and it has also been a blessing to some. Whichever side of the spectrum your business falls on, there is still time in 2020 to increase sales revenue before this year closes out. 

Quarter 4 is normally the time most businesses see an increase in sales due to the holidays, so it is important to prepare your business for Black Friday and the Christmas Season. Need help preparing for Black Friday but don't know where to start? Continue to reading for tips on how to get your business ready for Black Friday.


1. Marketing

  Marketing is very very important, it plays a crucial role in how well you can do during the holiday season. It's attracting to pick a holiday theme to use for your promotions. Starting the beginning of November you want to start promoting to your current customers as well as trying to gain the eyes of new customers.

Different methods you can use to promote:


  • Social media: Pick at least 2 platforms to promote on. My two most engaged platforms are Facebook & Instagram. It may be different for your business, so pick a platform where you get the most engagement. Also if you can do live videos to get a farther reach on social. People love videos. 


  • Email Marketing: Hopefully throughout the year you are collecting emails and nurturing your list. Your email list is your best asset. It should consist of people who previously purchased from you and or people who signed up to your email list. These people are already aware of your brand so it will be a little more easier to encourage them to shop with you.


  • SMS Marketing: I have found this method to be quite helpful during the holiday shopping season. Depending on your website platform, there are apps you can install.


  • Marketing Material: You can insert holiday marketing material with a discount code in your current orders you are packaging to entice the customer that just purchased to come back and shop again for the holidays.


    2. Website Optimization

      Ok, after you have done a great job marketing there will be traffic to your website so you want to make sure you give your website visitors a good shopping experience. Make sure your website load speed is efficient. Click Here to check your websites load speed just enter your website address in box. Because if your pages take too long to load, people will click off your website and go right back to social media or whatever else they were doing. You can simply hire an affordable contractor on Fiverr to improve your website load speed. 

    Also, make sure the layout of your websites functionality is easy to browse through. I like to create landing pages with all my specials on one page, therefore the customer does not have to click through different pages or if you don't have that option then make sure you list your best deals on your home page.


    3. New Products/Flash Sale

    Now is the perfect time to launch a new product and or collection to help attract people to your website. Consider launching a new seasonal product or you can create a bundle of your current items that work well with each other to increase your holiday sales revenue, but at the same time offering your customers a great bundle price. We launched a new Fall Lip Collection "Brown Barbie" for our wholesale customers to provide them the opportunity to offer something new and different to their customers. 

    Take a page from big companies like Macy's marketing book. Their doorbusters have people lined up to shop. A Black Friday weekend flash sale is a great way to catch the attention of potential customers. 


    4. Freebies

     Every holiday campaign I include a freebie item or product on orders over a certain dollar amount, this has helped my brand increase our return customer rate and who does not like FREE STUFF! But only implement this if your profit margins allow it. I want you to make money not lose money.

    I can go on and on, but I wanted to keep this short because you have work to do babe.  If you found any of these tips helpful let me know, leave a comment below. Also it would mean a lot to me if you would check out my latest YouTube video on this topic. Please like and subscribe

    Wishing you a prosperous and successful holiday sales season.



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