4 Easy Steps To Starting Your Own Lip Gloss Business

Gina Hepburn

Posted on September 08 2020

4 Easy Steps To Starting Your Own Lip Gloss Business

4 Easy Steps To Starting Your Own Lip Gloss Business

with QueensLyfe Cosmetics

Simplicity is essential to starting your own business.

Hey Babe!,

  Today I want to discuss how easy it is to start your own lip gloss business. By utilizing the power of social media, and investing a few hundred dollars you can literally take the first steps to starting your own lip gloss business today.


1.  Find a tube style that fits your brand. You want a tube that stands out, and attract your target audience. If your brand is on the luxury side be sure to select a tube that represents that (our diamond tubes would be a great fit). If your brand is fun and girly, then you will love our Pretty in Pink or Barbie Pink Tubes.


2.  Ok, now here is the fun part. Time to pick select your lip gloss shades. Depending on what quantity package you select, choose your shades. Remember to keep in mind what season you plan on launching your brand or also what audience you will be targeting. You want your lip gloss shades to reflect your brand.


3. Next, what type of logo labeling is in your budget? We offer both clear back sticker labels or ink printing. Sticker logo labels are more cost-effective at start-up, but if ink printing is in your budget then this route is the way to go, it presents a more professional & luxury look. Our staff will be available to assist you throughout the process, we will be happy to answer any questions.


4.  It's time to start promoting. Pick 1-2 social media platforms that work best for you to market your brand. Post eye-catching images & videos. Consistency is key when marketing.


Below are a few affordable lip gloss packages available to help you get started today!

Wholesale Lip Gloss

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Visit our new Private Label/Wholesale Page

All the essentials you need to start your lip gloss business all on one page.

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