No More Excuses Melanin Beauties

gina Hepburn

Posted on July 27 2017

No More Excuses Melanin Beauties

No More Excuses for Melanin Beauties


   As a new beauty enthusiast entering the beauty industry one of the biggest complaints I would always hear, is that there are limited cosmetic products geared toward woman of color. I would read numerous blogs reporting that there is a lack of options for women with medium-dark skin tones. Especially foundation and or cover up. Women have reported having to mix their own foundation concoctions in order to get coverage that was semi acceptable.


  I thought to myself that there has to be a solution to this problem. It is 2017; technology has advanced so much within the last decade that I find it very hard for us woman of color to still be having this issue. Being a cosmetic business owner myself, I have interacted with many other cosmetic business owners. Mostly with small businesses that are owned my people of color, who recognized that there was scarcity in the products available for the darker skin tones.


  After much discussion and research, I came up with a theory that people of color are just making excuses at this point. They’re indeed many products out there that focus on our melanin skin; the fact is that small and or indie cosmetic companies produce many of these products. But they go unnoticed because they are not a major brand such as MAC, Maybelline, and or L’Oreal. What my melanin beauties need to realize is that these major companies don’t really understand our struggles better yet I don’t think they care to understand. A few of them have produced a few universal colors for our skin tones, but they tend to make us look ashy.

  The solution to this problem is quite easy, we need to stop over looking the underdogs and pay more attention to the people that actually pay attention to us. I have found quite a few cosmetic companies and platforms that cater to our skin complexion, and I will make this extremely easy for you. I will leave links to these brands websites so you can pay them a visit and see what they have to offer. Remember you have to go at this with an open mind, just because you don’t see them on television commercials does not mean that they are not worthy of your business.


  I hope you find this article useful and visit some of the links that I have provided for you.


AJ Crimson:
Be sure to check out his “Match Me” kit with foundations focused on people of color.



Brands of Colour:
This is a platform of brands created by people of color. Here you will find some beauty brands that focus on melanin skin tones.


Danessa Myricks:
Danessa aims to touch all faces equally. Her shades for deeper skinned tones are absolutely beautiful.


Marjani Beauty:
This beauty platform focuses on products geared towards deeper skin tones. You will find an array of options of beauty brands on this platform.


Known for their extensive selection of products for melanin beauties like you.


 BlackUp Cosmetics:

The first French beauty brand dedicated to woman of color


The list can go on for days, there are plenty more brands that are not listed here, do your due diligence and research brands that cater to you


So melanin beauties quit with the excuses and check out some of these wonderful brands that are dedicated to your skin tone and understand the struggles we go through when it comes to cosmetics and our complexion.


QueensLyfe Cosmetics

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  • August 13, 2017

    That’s a good point. I think one of the biggest problems is that smaller beauty brands either don’t get the same exposure, which makes people unsure about whether or not they work, or are sometimes more expensive. That being said, my biggest goal this year is to support more black owned, black friendly beauty and fashion brands.

    - Cassandra Rose

  • Ashley Battle: August 04, 2017

    Thanks for providing a list for these companies! While I do think bigger companies still need to expand their color ranges, I think it’s equally important to boost exposure for these small indie companies that do as well.

  • Courtenay: August 03, 2017

    This is the second time I’ve seen Danessa Myricks mentioned. I’m going to have to take a look! Thanks for sharing.

  • Amanda: August 03, 2017

    I see your point, but I still wish the big companies would expand their color range as well. Black Opal and Danessa Myricks have amazing products for darker skin. Also NYX has come out with a wider range of colors for their foundation, which is amazing because that’s a brand that a lot of people are already familiar with. I’ll definitely check out the other companies that you’ve listed here.

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