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Posted on September 17 2019


Do you want to learn how to do makeup but don't know where to start? If you are a beginner makeup enthusiasts then this post is for you. 

In this post, you will get a basic breakdown of what beginner makeup essential products you will need to start doing your makeup. The brands named are just some that I use on a regular basis and that I find to be easy to use and affordable. This will be a 2 part blog post due to it being an ultimate makeup guide. In part 1 the complexion products will be listed in the steps that they should be applied. These are essential products for any beginner in makeup and should be included in your start-up kit.


Makeup For Beginner Essentials-The Ultimate Makeup Guide

1. First and foremost a good skincare routine is most important:

Make sure to practice a healthy daily skincare routine. I know some nights at the end of a long day you just want to hop into bed without removing your makeup, don't do it sis. Your skin will pay for it in the long run. And remember to always stay hydrated.

2. Eyebrows:

After your skincare routine, you want to do your brows. Some MUA's may start with the complexion steps first, but I personally prefer to do my eyebrows first, because I can clean them up with concealer afterward. Here are a few important essentials to help achieve a flawless eyebrow 

    • Brow Pencil or Powder: To outline and or fill in eyebrows.
    • Brow Pomade: Produces a more defined brow and the waxy formula keeps brow hairs in place. I live by the Elf brow pomade, it's beginner user-friendly.
    • Brow Gel: Tames unruly brow hairs to stay in place.

3. Next, you want to do your eye makeup: 

Eye makeup can honestly be the hardest part of a makeup routine and normally takes the most practice to achieve a flawless blended out well look. Always remember to BLEND BLEND BLEND. Here are a few items you will need.

    • Eyeshadow: Colored pigments that come in various finishes like shimmery, matte or duo-chrome. You can choose from loose or pressed eyeshadows. Check out some of our easy to use go-to eyeshadows  here
    • Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners give the best precise line, but can be one of the hardest to work with. Liquid eyeliners are perfect for creating a wing. For beginners who are interested in just lining the top and bottom eyelids, I recommend a pencil eyeliner they are beginner user-friendly, and NYX has a nice affordable black pencil eyeliner.
    • Mascara: If you are not into false eyelashes then to finish off your eye makeup look you will want to apply a nice waterproof mascara. If you are into eyelashes we will get into them in part 2 of the Ultimate Guide.

Now you can take a quick breather. Yes, makeup can be overwhelming but do not worry once you start creating looks you will see how much fun it is. Click here to continue this on to Part 2 of Makeup For Beginners Essentials-The Ultimate Guide

If you are ready to dive right in now we want to help you start building your makeup collection click here to take advantage of a limited time offer created especially for you.

In the meantime here is a brief makeup tutorial from a Guru MUA 

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