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Posted on March 12 2020





Let me start off by saying that I feel so blessed. I feel blessed both in my personal life and my business. I always prayed that I could reach a point in my life where I can give back and make a difference for others. One of my 2020 personal and business goals is to spread the wealth as much as I physically and financially can.


Before God created us, he created them



Besides my passion/obsession with QueensLyfe the next thing that has my heart (besides my family of course) is animals. I feel like they are one of GOD's best creations. 


A little back story about me!

  Around 2012/2013 I was going through a very rough time in my life. And I was still quite young at the time with a teenage daughter to take care of, so I needed to mentally show up every day because I had a family to take care of. I was on the brink of considering medication. Instead, I had a spontaneous moment and spent the last little bit of money I had saved in the bank (literally all my money, I was left with $3.67 to my name) and I brought a puppy and named her Bella! Long story short and many years later I would clear my bank account a million times over again and again. She was a little fireball Yorkie terrier that brought me so much joy. Loving her opened my heart to love and appreciate all animals. I am literally crying as I am writing this because she has since passed but I still love and think of her every day. She is the reason why we are and will ALWAYS be cruelty-free.

I do it for BELLA!


Since her passing, I have been finding some peace in donating to animal rescue shelters when I can, but I feel it's not enough. That's when I had an epiphany (I swear I get at least 2 epiphanies a week lol).

  So I am combing my 2 passions. I am hoping my love for making cosmetics can better help me help animals in need. I am now on another new mission to encourage others to:       


  So for all QueensLyfe Cosmetics highlighters and setting sprays, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to various animal rescue shelters and non-profits. I am thinking of donating to a different one each quarter. I preferably want to focus on No-Kill shelters/organizations.

  So if you or anyone you know that is an avid animal lover like myself, that so happens to also be into beauty then please share my message and mission with them. Help me, help them! (meaning the fur babies).


  If you would like to GLO FOR A CAUSE❤️

then click the HERE TO SHOP any highlighter or setting spray to help give you the perfect GLO for the upcoming warm weather and at the same time, you will be helping an animal in need.🥰





 What's The Next Move?

If you are not already following QLC on social media then click the links below to follow QueensLyfe Cosmetics. I will be posting updates and stories on the progress of this new mission. As well as new product items I tend to create specifically for GLO FOR A CAUSE❤️


Thanks for reading, and as always stay blessed and un-stressed


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